Services we can provide:

Compliance: B.G. & Son’s staff is familiar with all State and Local towing regulations and will work hard to keep you in compliance when you find it necessary to have a car towed.

Customized service: Every parking facility is unique. We will design your parking enforcement program to meet your needs. Call us today to consult with one of our parking enforcement experts to design a towing program that will solve your parking issues once and for all. We can drive through your property periodically to check for violations, or come only when you call. If you are not sure how to proceed, give us a call and we can get you started.

Equipment: Our tow trucks are late model trucks, with the latest, damage-free towing equipment. We can remove vehicles quickly and safely, damage-free.

Insurance: BG & SON is committed to protecting the vehicles as well as the accounts we service by carrying a one million dollar liability policy, in addition to a Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollar policy covering any vehicle we transport. As required by state law our drivers report any vehicles to the respective law enforcement agency claiming jurisdiction in the area of the tow, as to alleviate any fears the vehicle was stolen.

• *7 Day 24 hr. Release of Vehicles
• *Day and Night patrol
• *On Call
• *Warning Sticker Program
• *Quick Response
• *Photographs of Violations
• *24 hour Customer Service
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